Today’s COVENANT Guitar School will teach you how to tune your guitar

For those who learn to play the guitar, the tuning of each string is very important. Whether the tuning is accurate or not will affect the correct expression of music and the cultivation of the player’s hearing.A guitar with an inaccurate tuning cannot accurately express the melody and harmony of the music, which weakens the expressive power of the music. And it also reduces the interest in learning, makes it difficult to appreciate the inherent charm of the music.

For beginners, tuning the guitar will be the most troublesome thing. But in fact, tuning is not as complicated as you think. After mastering the correct method and long-term training, tuning will become very simple and easy. Before learning tuning, we must first have an understanding of the tuning of each string on the guitar. The commonly used guitar tunings are 6-string E, 5-string A, 4-string D, 3-string G, 2-string B, and 1-string String E, that is, 3(Mi), 6(La), 2(Re), 5(Sol), 7(Si), 3(Mi) in the key of C notation, and the relationship between the third and

 fourth intervals between the strings. When the strings are adjusted according to the above requirements, the music will naturally arrange on the various frets.

Music location map


After knowing the tuning method, some friends will ask: After I know the tuning method, I still can’t tune it, because I can’t accurately locate the pitch, what should I do? Yes, for beginners, it is difficult to accurately tune the strings just by listening to the ears, so we need to use tuning tools to tune the strings.
1. Refer to the tuning fork for tuning: place the A tuning fork to your ear and listen, and check the A tone of the 1st line and 5th fret.

Tuning Fork

China Famous Guitar Brand/Manufacturer

China Famous Guitar Brand/Manufacturer

2. Tuning with reference to the special tuner: Compare the sound of each open string with the sound on the sounding tuner, and adjust to the same.


3. Tuning with reference to the electronic tuner: Use the electronic tuner to adjust the sound of the open strings of each string. This method is the most intuitive and accurate. We can directly look at the display of the electronic tuner.

COVENANT guitar ATN-01C Tuning Table

The tuner