Hot summer here|Guitar maintenance knowledge for you

Following 7 maintenance tips to maintain your guitar good, it will become an indispensable partner in your live.

Let’s take a look with me below!

1. About neck adjustment

Before shipment, each guitar will be inspected strictly by a team of professional technicians and adjusted for guitar feel. However, because each of us has different requirements for hand feel, or due to slight changes during transportation, these are common situations. Just make a slight adjustment to the neck.

2. If you don’t play the guitar for a long time, you need to relax the strings

If the guitar is not played for a long time, the neck may be bent due to the tension of the strings, resulting in irreparable consequences. Therefore, it is recommended that if you do not play the guitar for more than a week, you can relax the strings by a whole tone (for example: the first string is E, at this time you should relax the strings to D), but do not relax all the strings, because all relaxation may lead to The end of the neck is raised, and the high-grade frets are the problems.

3. How to protect the guitar from moisture and dryness👈👈👈👈👈👈Be sure to pay attention to it in winter in the northern region~

A. Possible problems

The most suitable temperature for guitar is 20-23℃, and the humidity is between 40%-55%. In the northern region, temperature is low and dry, and the panel material may shrink due to excessive dryness, and the neck is bent in the opposite direction, resulting in cracking or cracking of the panel. In order to prevent the above situation.

B. Solution

So it is necessary to take some necessary protective measures. For example, in the northern region, a humidifier should be used to increase the humidity in the room and around the guitar; in the southern region, some desiccant should be prepared and placed in the guitar box. Or use a dehumidifier, and need to prepare a thermometer to detect the surrounding temperature and humidity at any time, and make adjustments according to the actual situation.

4. How to clean and maintain the guitar

After playing the guitar, put the guitar back in the piano bag or the piano box in time. It is not suitable to leave it outside for a long time. The guitar outside is affected by the air temperature and humidity and other problems easily. Usually after playing the guitar, you need to wipe the body, neck and strings with a wiping cloth to keep the body clean all the time. If the guitar accidentally gets into water or gets wet, please dry it with the cold air of the hair dryer, and do not use the hot air (the use of the hot air is very likely to cause the panel to expand); Tail box, panel will produce premature yellowing phenomenon and burst scene, couldn’t be repaired.

5. The guitar should avoid falls and collisions

Strong impact will break the guitar seriously, and resulting in an irreparable situation. A slight impact may also make the guitar with blemishes or paint cracks. Therefore, please try to avoid the impact of the guitar and take good care of your guitar.

6. About the life of the strings

Strings are consumables. It is calculated by playing 2 hours a day. Generally, after playing for about 3 months, the tension and tone of the strings will be weakened, and they are easy to rust and break. Therefore, we recommend that you replace a set of strings in about 3 months. The specific replacement time can be slightly adjusted according to your practice time.

7. Play your guitar often

Playing your guitar regularly, also a good way to maintain your guitar. Because it could keep all parts of the guitar fully vibrating, and improve your guitar tone accordingly.