Ten Great Ways to Learn Guitar

Welcome to COVENANT Guitar Lesson. The topic we are talking about in this issue is ten good ways to learn guitar.The following are 10 good ways to learn guitar compiled by the editor. I hope they will be useful to everyone.

1. It is best not to learn the guitar by yourself

Self-taught students often have no experience in music. They may not be able to find many of their own shortcomings, and no one will explain to them. Over time, they will form shortcomings that are difficult to correct, and it will be difficult to correct them in the future. Moreover, it is easy to lose direction because they have no reference in learning and acquire knowledge relatively narrow. They will don’t know what to play after playing by playing. If you can’t play what you like, and you don’t want to play what you don’t like, there will be a series of related problems.

don't teach yourself guitar


2. Don’t learn completely according to the music scores or textbooks you bought

Some textbooks are difficult to guarantee even the most basic correctness. In many textbooks, music scores account for the majority, and there are many incorrect places in the middle.

Even if there are textbooks, there are many things that are not in the textbooks such as the details of each movement, the grasp of each rhythm, and the comprehensive analysis of music, listening, feeling, structure, etc. These things are difficult to express in words, and can only be done through precepts and deeds. To learn completely according to the textbook will inevitably make the music mechanized. It’s like learning a language from a dictionary.

Don’t learn completely according to the music scores

3. Choose a good teacher

In fact, every guitar teacher has very different teaching content and methods. Teachers themselves also have serious unevenness in teaching level. So the first thing is to find a suitable teacher.

Choose a good guitar teacher

4. Don’t just focus on skills

In my humble opinion, learning guitar is actually similar to learning a language. When learning guitar, finger skills are considered by many people to be the most important skill at the beginning. So we first have to work hard on the fingers. In fact, this cannot be said to be completely correct. Many people ignore other important links because they focus too much on skills.

Don’t just focus on skills

5. Learn to imitate

Let me make an analogy:

In my opinion, it is like a child learning to speak. Firstly, he listens, sees, and then imitates slowly. At the same time, he combines some actual events to create a context, and then starts to speak, stuttering, and even his pronunciation is not standard. But it doesn’t matter, keep talking, keep learning, keep correcting, and slowly connect a sentence, and then start to connect it into a complete paragraph. With the improvement of thinking, you can start to express more things.

In fact, the same is true for learning guitar. Learning guitar is not something you can learn by reading a book. The power of role models is infinite. Many well-known foreign guitarists had their own guitar heroes in their early years and imitated them. At the beginning, the skills at hand cannot be perfected in one step, and need to be continuously improved and improved. In this process, listening, rhythm, observation, imitation, and understanding of music are all very important, and they are always at work, but they are easily overlooked. At this time, teachers need to have good teaching ideas, lead students on the right path, arrange some targeted exercises, and gradually increase students’ comprehensive knowledge beyond performance skills. Besides, it must be done step by step and persistent. Many things are accumulated bit by bit. If you don’t persist, you will become rusty and gradually lose interest.

Learn to imitate

6. The most important thing is refining

After having a certain foundation, I started to play some songs. The choice of songs is a matter of learning, not just any capital. I once put together a learning sequence for a set of songs, and it proved to be effective. It is actually very inappropriate for someone to learn songs such as “Romance De Amor” and “同桌的你” from the beginning. If the song is not chosen properly, it might have very bad consequences. Don’t choose songs according to your own preferences, let alone always think about learning more songs. The key is to learn the songs well and get the most experience and feeling from them. This is not an easy task, it is necessary to repeatedly compare with the original version and study the details in depth.

The most important thing is refining


7. Selective Learning

At the same time, the choice of songs must have a certain level. It is best not to choose catchy songs, but to choose some classic and recognized masterpieces. Some of them are not necessarily difficult to master. In terms of style, don’t just play popular songs, it will feel boring after a long time.

Selective Learning

8. Learn about music theory

When you are able to play complete songs and have a certain amount of comprehensive music knowledge, you should start to learn music theory, enrich theoretical knowledge, gradually improve your performance skills, listen to master works, participate in more exchanges, performances, observations and other activities to improve your comprehension and gradually improve yourself. Of course, the guidance of the teacher is also indispensable. The master may teach, but progress is up to the hardwork of the individual. You must think more, make full use of the skills you have learned and use your imagination.

Learn about guitar music theory

9. Pay attention to accumulation and find ways

In the process of learning guitar, no one will have smooth sailing. Most people will encounter many practical difficulties. For difficulties, we must have a correct judgment and seek solutions. We must work hard and have reasonable methods at the same time. Just to solve, any difficult solution will bring you one step closer to success. So I like to encounter difficulties, I like to be challenged. The success of learning guitar does not lie in a momentary impulse, nor does it depend on how many musical dreams you have. The most important thing is to do a good job of accumulating bit by bit, practice steadily, and gather less to make more. Guitar is something that needs to be learned for life. It is a long way. The better you play, the more you feel that your level is too low. So laying a solid foundation is the most important.


10. Hold on, hold on and hold on.

Some friends have great ambitions. But when it comes to getting serious, they lack patience. They always find reasons for themselves, for example, they can’t persist in practicing for a long time and feel boring after practicing too much. Everything has a price and has to be paid. If you want to have enviable playing skills, you must go through a lot of tempering behind it.