Something to Say About American Black Walnut COVENANT Guitar 520C

nobility in hardwood

American black walnut is the preferred wood for furniture of Western royal family aristocrats and high-class people.Black walnut has good dimensional stability and is rated as a wood with extremely strong corrosion resistance as a core material. Even in an environment prone to corrosion, it can maintain excellent stability and is very durable.However, because black walnut is very rare, the price is also very expensive. Usually in the use of furniture, the veneer of black walnut is commonly used, and the solid wood part is only used for high-end furniture, gun stocks and other parts that require high stability. .520C selects the highest quality black walnuts produced in North America After a whole piece of complete black walnut solid wood is radially cut, it is screened layer by layer to finally get a real “noble”Wood”, as the back and side panels of the 520C.

got you start with every texture

Black walnut wood has a smooth cutting surface, a soft luster, and is light dark brown with purple.What Carfront chose is the most linear grain of black walnut.Even part, when you look closely, you will find that the back side of the 520CThe texture of the board has very rich and dense line-segment stripes, which echo the texture of the bottom layer, and the texture reflected is more like the dense forest in the layers of mountains, forming a pleasing decorative pattern.

American black walnut, unique texture with chocolate color

A natural beauty of wood. Under the exquisite appearance, it hides the ability to transform into an instrument.Black walnut wood has medium hardness and has been naturally air-dried for a long time.Heat treated with HEATREATED°After the process, it will get excellent reflection performance, its own texture makes the lateral transmission of sound vibration smoother, and can effectively tighten the sound dispersion, plus outstanding mid-frequency and low-frequency performance, so it is equipped with black walnut wood. Play music on the guitar to get clear, powerful and grainy guitar tones.