Shredding on Six Strings: Advanced Guitar Soloing Techniques

Guitar solos are where the magic happens in a song. The art of shredding on the six strings is a skill that many guitarists aspire to master. If you’re looking to take your soloing to the next level, this guide will introduce you to advanced guitar soloing techniques that will help you unleash your inner guitar hero.


1. The Foundation: Master the Basics

Before diving into advanced techniques, make sure you have a strong foundation in guitar playing. Understanding scales, knowing your fretboard, and having a good grasp of basic soloing techniques like bends, vibrato, and slides are essential.


2. Alternate Picking Mastery

Alternate picking is the key to speed and precision in your solos. Work on strict alternate picking patterns, practice with a metronome, and gradually increase your speed. Focus on clean and accurate execution.

Shredding on Six Strings: Advanced Guitar Soloing Techniques

3. Sweeping Arpeggios

Sweep picking is a technique that allows you to play arpeggios quickly and smoothly. Practice arpeggio shapes across the fretboard and work on integrating them into your solos for a neoclassical flair.


4. Tapping Techniques

Tapping involves using both hands on the fretboard to create rapid and intricate patterns. Start with basic tapping patterns and gradually work your way up to more complex sequences. Combine tapping with other techniques for a mesmerizing effect.


5. String Skipping

String skipping adds an element of surprise to your solos. Master the art of skipping strings when moving between notes and scales. It’s a technique that’s prominently used in modern rock and metal solos.


6. Legato Playing

Legato is a smooth and fluid style of playing that relies on hammer-ons and pull-offs. Develop your legato technique to create a flowing and expressive solo. Work on hammer-ons and pull-offs to build finger strength.


7. Advanced Bending and Vibrato

Taking bends and vibrato to the next level is essential for advanced solos. Practice wide bends, multi-step bends, and add expressive vibrato to make your notes sing.

8. Modal Playing

Understanding modes and how they fit into your soloing can add depth and sophistication to your playing. Learn the various modes and incorporate them into your solos for a fresh sound.


9. Advanced Phrasing and Dynamics

Create dynamic solos by mastering advanced phrasing techniques. Experiment with dynamics, articulation, and use silence to convey emotion in your solos.

Shredding on Six Strings: Advanced Guitar Soloing Techniques

10. Listen, Learn, and Innovate

Listen to your favorite guitarists and study their solos. Learn their licks, but don’t stop there. Innovate and create your unique style by incorporating these techniques into your own solos.



Becoming a shredding virtuoso on the guitar takes time, dedication, and a love for the instrument. Advanced soloing techniques can be challenging, but the rewards are immeasurable. With practice, experimentation, and a passion for your craft, you can unlock your full potential as a guitarist.


Remember, every great guitarist was once an aspiring learner. So, pick up your guitar, follow this guide, and embark on your journey to shredding on six strings. Happy playing!