How to choose the right guitar for you? COVENANT professional guitar manufacturers tell you(二)

4. Warranty

Quality assurance is an “insurance” for the quality of the guitar. Before buying a guitar and choosing a brand, be sure to ask about the warranty period and relevant certificates. Different brands have different quality assurance standards, which is also the most basic indicator to confirm whether a guitar brand is legitimate.

5. Appearance

Finally is the appearance of the guitar. This is what I think is relatively unimportant. After meeting the above requirements, we can pick the look to our liking. But it should be noted that do not give up above requirements because of a good-looking appearance.


COVENANT acoustic guitar

Five buying mistakes

Beginners often make mistakes when choosing the guitar, and that will affect the judgment of the quality of the guitar. So here are five buying mistakes for everyone:

1. The popular brand must be good?

In the guitar world, there are some well-known and well-known brands, such as Yamaha, Martin, Taylor and so on. Many players know about these brands, and they also recognized that they must buy these brands.

But the popular brand must be good? The answer is of course not necessarily.

So do you have to choose a popular brand? The suggestion I give here is that can be chosen, but it is not necessary to choose. There are three reasons.

①High added value of the brand

In mass-produced, the same configuration, the same workmanship, and even the same origin, just because of the blessing of big brands, may make the price relatively higher. This is the result of brand bargaining.

If you think the difference of a few hundred dollars is acceptable, then there is no problem in choosing a big brand; but if you want to make the most cost-effective choice, it is really not a must-have for a famous brand.

②The sound is not pure

With the increasing number of primary guitar players, many high-end big names, such as Martin and Taylor, have begun to produce low-end models in order to meet the needs of the market. As a beginner, it is rare to spend tens of thousands of dollars to start a guitar, but the desire for the brand makes them turn their attention to low-end models.

For this kind of high-end brand-friendly model, from the production process, design concept, to the final sound, it may not be the style of this brand, so the sound cannot be guaranteed to be very pure

Of course, these low-end products are generally of very good quality because of the blessings of big brands. However, the price is often higher in the same grade of guitars. Either save up and buy a high-end model with pure blood, or try to avoid the added value that the brand brings.

③The boutique small brand is really not bad

Although the small brands in the guitar market are mixed, there are also some very delicate conscience products. Their making philosophy, production process, and choice of materials are not inferior to those of first-tier big brands, and they are also very worthwhile to choose. So small brands are not necessarily bad, it just depends on whether you have chosen the right brand.

In addition, there are some brands that we don’t often hear about, such as the brand COVENANT——

guitar manufacturer


The development history of Covenant

In 2011, the start-up team established a guitar studio relying on “David Instruments” to trial-produce guitar products under the “iBegin” brand.

In 2012, on the third floor of a carton factory in Longwangmiao Village, Jinzhou District, Dalian City, after Mr. Xue Fei’s brief speech, “Saint Covenant Musical Instruments Co., Ltd.” was officially established, and CCG No. 1 factory began to operate. Covenant – “Sacred Promise”, as the core value of the founding team was selected as the new brand name, and then the Chinese name “Covenant” was determined.

Max and C-500D (photos are used with my consent)

Max and C-500D (photos are used with my consent)

German musician Max asked a friend to bring a C-500D back to Germany after learning about Kaplan’s products; soon after, Kaplan received an email from Germany. Max expressed his love for the piano in the email, along with a photo of him with it.

During the brand start-up period, it was a surprise and a great incentive for the Covenant team to go abroad in this way.
In 2015, “Fenghua”, a famous Chinese guitar teaching material brand, recommended Cafront acoustic guitar products to the majority of Chinese guitar lovers through the book “Guitar Self-Learning March Pass”, and Mr. Li Chengfu also became a Cafront user.
In 2016, with the full application of the Heat treated® material heat treatment process and the EMB bridge inlay technology, the quality of Covenant products has been further improved.
In 2017, the upgraded FULLY-EMBEDDED™ bridge technology was applied


In the future, Covenant will adhere to the belief in quality, guard the “sacred promise” with users, and continue to move towards the ideal of “letting every Chinese child have a good guitar”.

“Beautiful sound originates from faith”, Covenant is “the most beautiful”!
And how many people really know about such a niche boutique? Yamaha is not the only guitar brand in the world. Find out more information and you will find many treasure brands~