How to choose a guitar that suits you? COVENANT professional guitar manufacturers tell you(一)

A guitar beginner has worked hard to save money for a long time. Finally he bought the guitar that he longed for. However, due to the careless selection at the beginning, he fell into a deep pit. Since then, the newly bought guitar will be placed in the corner to eat ashes, and the long-awaited guitar dream will soon be shattered…

COVENANT guitar manufacturer

COVENANT guitar manufacturer

So today I will tell you about how to choose a guitar,  if you are a newbie.

Five Judging Criteria

1. Feel

For beginners, when you get a guitar, the first feedback comes from the feel of the guitar. We generally use the following steps to test the quality.

①The grip of the neck

HF CONFORT High handle and comfortable playing design

HF CONFORT High handle and comfortable playing design


The neck of the guitar is the main control area for our left hand when we play. The grip of the neck determines whether you can play smoothly. The only criterion for judging grip is how comfortable it is – if you feel the grip is too thin or too thick, it will have a certain impact on your performance.

But necks also come in different shapes – “C-shaped”, “V-shaped”, “U-shaped” and so on. The grip and the shape of the neck also have a lot to do with it. So we can’t say, “If the neck of the violin is uncomfortable to hold, this violin is not good”.

In order to allow players to have a good playing experience, COVENANT Guitar specially developed a high-position comfortable playing design.

②Inlay of the frets

The grip of the neck does not determine the quality, but the inlay of the frets greatly reflects the workmanship and detail control of the guitar. The fret inlay is a more important part of guitar production, and requires careful processing and polishing to make the fret edges fit perfectly on the fretboard.

If you want to check whether the inlay of the frets is qualified, we can touch it from top to bottom along the direction of the neck at the junction of the frets and the fingerboard. If you feel that there are more bumps on your hand, or even scratch your hands,and it proves that the frets are not perfect.

COVENANT guitar frets

COVENANT guitar frets

③The height of the string

First of all, we must clarify two concepts – “string distance” and “string height”. String pitch refers to the distance between two strings, and string height refers to the height from the top of the frets to the bottom of the strings. These are two different concepts, don’t confuse them.

Here is the string height. When we get the guitar, we need to adjust the string height first. (The specific adjustment method can be found in the Musical Instrument Encyclopedia last week in the official account). After general adjustment, the height of the first fret is 0.5mm-0.8mm, and the height of the fourteenth fret is about 3mm.

If it is significantly higher than this value, and you feel that the strings are too high during performance, you need to re-adjust. If you can’t reach the standard after repeated adjustment, then you need to consider the quality of the guitar.

2. Tone

Timbre is arguably the word we hear most often.”Listen, how good is this piano!” “Hey, the sound of this violin is just average~”

As a beginner who has never played a guitar before, the timbre concept has not yet been developed.  And there is no way to accurately judge the quality of the timbre. Hearing the above description of the timbre, you may feel that you can’t hear it, which leads to confusion.

3. Quality Control

Quality control is often overlooked by many guitar buyers. The so-called quality control refers to the control of the quality of the guitar. The price range that beginners can accept are basically mass-produced guitars. Because it is a streamlined operation in the form of a production line, and the quality of each guitar needs to be guaranteed to be the same as possible through quality control.

If the quality control is not good, then the same price, the same brand, the same model, the quality of the guitar you get may be much worse than others.

The quality control is mainly determined by the brand. Even if some brands are low-end series, the quality can be as good as that of high-priced guitars.

In this issue, we will discuss it here for the time being, and we will continue to discuss this issue in the next issue.