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I believe that many novices also encountered the problem of the speed of the guitar climbing grid when they first practiced the piano. Below we share some experiences and experiences, hoping to help everyone. This problem can be divided into two parts to solve, one part is the problem of oneself; the other part is the problem of the use of equipment.

1.To play the guitar, you must practice basic skills and follow the metronome

It is the dream of many friends to play the guitar fast and well, especially as played by foreign master guitarists.

Some friends often express emotion when watching the teaching video: “Look at foreigners, how do they play? Their hands are really powerful, and the graininess of each note is so good! Then can we help those world-class guitarists How to play so fast and so well? The answer is yes, everyone can be like them through correct practice. However, how to achieve this goal, many friends do not have a most certain method in mind.

2. Let’s first look at our own problems

When we watched the live performances of foreign guitarists, we noticed that their hands are very powerful, whether they are left or right, which shows that the strength of the fingers is an important part of the speed, and the same is true in reality, the strength of the fingers It also directly affects the tone of playing the piano. If the fingers of the left hand are not strong enough, the strings will not be pressed well, and the timbre will be very vague. If the strength of the right hand is not strong enough, the strength of the strings cannot be guaranteed, and the speed cannot be improved.

guitar trellis

3. So how to exercise the strength of the fingers of the left hand?

I don’t agree with using auxiliary equipment to practice, because no matter how much you practice, you still have to go back to the piano in the end, it is better to practice on the piano from the beginning.

My method is: first of all, practice in a slow state, adjust the metronome speed to about 60 to 80, and mainly practice quadruplet exercises. Make sure that each string-pressing finger of the left hand You have to press down on the strings very firmly. Be careful not to make your fingers too tense, which will be very tiring and may cause joint disease. Listen carefully to the sound when you press the string firmly and when you don’t use force. If there is any difference, you will find that there is a big difference, remember the sound you made, and practice according to this sound as a standard every time you play the piano in the future.

After practicing for about 20 minutes, rest your hands, and then try to increase the speed to about 140. You may not be able to keep up with such a fast speed, but it doesn’t matter, try to play for a while, about a minute, Then turn the tempo up to 160 to 180 to play quadruplets. You may exclaim, “It’s too fast!” But it’s okay, this is just to find the feeling at such a fast speed, this speed will definitely not be able to keep up with beginners, but don’t be discouraged, various beats probably play A minute or so, then go back to 140 speed. Haha, you will find that you can barely keep up with this speed, and the strength of your left hand is not bad, and you can still hear every sound clearly, which proves that you have made progress!

4. Forcibly increase your flexibility

Play quadruplet crawling at a speed of 120-160, or practice various scales, and take a break after playing for about 5 minutes, because the muscles of the hands are already very tired at this time (occasionally feel pain). When the hands are not very tired, start from the slowest practice method again, then speed up, then go to very fast (but can’t keep up), and then return to a faster speed. In this way, the muscles of the hand will quickly adapt to the tension when playing fast phrases, and the hand will quickly respond correctly when you want to play something fast.

If you are already familiar with and relaxed at a certain speed, for example, it is very easy to play 160 quadruplets now, then increase the speed of quick practice, for example, to play 170 or 180, the fastest speed is Play 200 or 210, and so on, until it can’t go any faster. Generally speaking, everyone will eventually be able to play quadruplets at a speed of 200 very clearly and easily, and the fastest may be anywhere from 210 to 240 (which is already a crazy speed!). This exercise is one of the basic skills I must practice every day, because only by practicing every day can the state of the hand muscles not change.

5. Set yourself a speed that you want to break through in a fixed period of time! !

The exercise of the right hand is done at the same time as the left hand. In addition to the strength, the exercise of the right hand is also essential to strengthen the coordination between the left and right hands, such as string skipping exercises: it will be of great help to improve the coordination of the left and right hands. The specific practice method is like this, take climbing grid as an example: first play 1-2-3-4 on the 6th string, then jump to the 4th string and play 1-2-3-4, and then return to the 5th string to play , then jump to string 3, go back to string 4, jump to string 2, string 3, and string 1. Then reverse this exercise into a descending skipping exercise. There is another way: first play 1-2-3-4 on the 6th string, then jump to the 4th string to play 3-4-5-6, and then return to the 5th string to play 1-2-3-4 , then jump to string 3 and play 3-4-5-6, go back to string 4, jump to string 2, string 3, and string 1. Then still turn this exercise upside down into a descending skipping exercise. After these exercises are relatively proficient, the scale can be incorporated into the string skipping exercise, which can make the changes of the scale colorful.

6. Let the left and right hands quickly find the right string! !

One more thing to pay special attention to is-strength! This is a very important question. The strength of the strings directly affects the quality of the strings, that is, the quality of the tone. So what is the correct way to pluck the strings? The first thing is to make sure that the pick is firmly held between the fingers. If the pick shakes from side to side, the speed will definitely not increase. The second is that the strength of each string should be the same, so that the guitar strings can produce a clear and bright sound. . The third is to try to make the pick touch the strings at the same place every time the strings are plucked, so as to ensure the unity of the tone. If you can do these three points, you can basically produce a pleasant tone every time you pluck the strings. Moreover, when I practice, my right hand and my left hand are practiced at the same time, that is, the left hand is practicing the strength of pressing the strings, and the right hand is practicing the practice of plucking the strings. Together, it is a coordination exercise. The speed practice method of the right hand is the same as that of the left hand. It can be improved in the practice of climbing grids, and it is also practiced from slow to fast, then directly to fast, then to fast, and then back to slow.

7. Strive for even strength! !

Qinyou: Teacher, my wrist hurts when I climb the grid?
Editor: If your hands don’t hurt, it means that you are just reviewing, your practice is at your current level, and you will feel pain and happiness if you break through your ability.

Finally, I borrowed that sentence to end: “Things that make us feel pain will become our progress.”

Finally, I wish the guitar beginners success!