Guitar Accessories(one)

1、Guitar Strings

Guitar Accessories02

Guitar string is one of the most frequently replaced accessories on a guitar. After all, if there are no guitar strings, how can you make a sound? There are many kinds of guitar strings, and after playing for a period of time, they can be of various thicknesses (affecting volume and resonance), and materials (affecting timbre). In addition, strings made of the same material, if they come from different manufacturers, the sound will also changed, and there are no certain guidelines for the adaptation of guitars and strings. It is no exaggeration to say that choosing which guitar strings to use can also be called an art.
Guitar Accessories01

COVENANT include electric guitar strings and acoustic guitar strings. It shows the natural sound of the acoustic guitar better, with the Long-Life COATING coating, which makes the good sound last longer and the playing feel is smooth for a long time. Playing for a long time is not a black hand.

2. Guitar Picks

guitar pick

When playing the guitar, in addition to hands and fingernails, you can also use pick, which will not only make the sound louder, but also clearer and brighter. There are many different materials and thicknesses of picks. Picks of different materials will not only affect the sound of playing, but also have different degrees of wear, and the thickness is selected according to the different situations of users.

3、Guitar metronomeGuitar metronome

Using a metronome during practice can develop an accurate sense of rhythm and contribute to the stability of playing. Metronome is roughly divided into two types, one is pendulum type, and the other is electronic type. The pendulum-type metronome can only adjust the tempo, while the electronic type has many different functions, and there are also types that are combined with a tuner.

4、Guitar tuner


The tuner

The six strings of the guitar have their own standard pitches. Using the tuner can quickly adjust the pitch of each string, and the sound will be harmonious and beautiful. There are also good and bad tuners on the market. Good tuners are more sensitive and can be tuned more correctly. Before each playing, users should develop a good habit of tuning in order to develop a good sense of sound.

COVENANT guitar tuner with color screen for clearer viewing.

5、Guitar strap

guitar strap

Do you often see performers standing handsomely on the stage and playing guitar? As the saying goes, a guitarist will always lack a strap. If you don’t know what gift to give to a friend who plays guitar, it’s right to give a guitar strap! Common materials include leather straps, nylon cloth or decompression cotton straps. Which one do you like best?

COVENANT guitar straps are made of leather and nylon.

6、Guitar Strap Buckle

guitar strap buckle

In addition to the strap, it is also necessary to install a strap buckle (strap nail) on the guitar to securely fasten the guitar. In response to various needs, accessory manufacturers have also developed a safety strap buckle, which can quickly remove the strap!

Some guitars do not have a strap buckle to attach the strap, and the strap can be installed with the strap buckle, so that the strap can be firmly buckled on the guitar. The strap nails are divided into general type and safety strap buckle. The safety strap buckle can fix the strap and prevent it from falling off.

7、Guitar capo

Guitar Capo

Because in the songs played, the keys of the songs are different, you can simply transpose the key using the transposer, and you don’t need to learn more chords of other keys, which makes it more convenient to play. A good capo is less likely to damage the neck, and the pitch is less likely to run off. There are many types of Capo, with different designs.

The COVENANT guitar uses an easy-to-use metal capo. The ergonomically designed handle structure is matched with a spring with reasonable tension, which will not put too much pressure on the strings to cause the sound to go out, and at the same time, it is easy to clamp.

There are many more guitar accessories, this issue will introduce you here first, see you in the next issue