Guitar Accessories(Two)

Hello, everyone, COVENANT Guitar Class meets you again. In this issue, we continue the topic of the previous issue and continue to discuss knowledge about guitar accessories.

8. Gig bag and guitar case

guitar bag02

A guitar can be stored in a gig bag or a guitar case, which has more protection and safety than a gig bag, but it may be heavier and bulkier, making it inconvenient to carry. Performers like to use good-quality guitar bags, which are not only crash-resistant and drop-resistant, but also can hold many guitar equipment accessories.

guitar box

When COVENANT guitars are shipped, each guitar comes with a guitar bag, and guitar cases or guitar bags can also be customized accor,

ding to customer requirements. Our electric guitar case is also very exquisite, beautiful and generous, which can protect the guitar very well.

9. Pickup


By installing a pickup device, the guitar can be connected to an external speaker output, which is not a patent unique to electric guitars. Acoustic guitar pickups are generally divided into four types: sound hole type, under pillow type, microphone and patch. Some guitars are equipped with pickups from the factory. For friends who want to add pickups by themselves, you can learn more about how to choose guitar pickups.


10、guitar cleaning cloth

guitar cleaning cloth
After playing the guitar, it can be used to wipe the hand sweat or stains left on the guitar to keep the guitar clean and extend the life of the strings. Usually, different cloths can be used to clean the body of the guitar to keep the guitar clean. Well maintained.
COVENANT guitar cleaning cloth can be customized according to customer requirements.

11、Guitar hex wrench

guitar hex wrench
It is mainly used to adjust the neck. Generally, there is a steel bar in the neck of a guitar. At the end of the steel bar, there is a hexagonal screw at the sound hole of the guitar. The guitar hexagonal wrench is here to screw the steel bar screw.

12、string oil

String oil
Guitar strings are exposed to air and hand sweat for a long time. If you put a thin layer of string oil on the strings after changing the strings, you can make the strings not easy to rust and prolong the life of the strings. But if the strings are too rusty, String oil does not help much, and it is better to change the strings directly for the guitar.

These are the most commonly used guitar accessories. If you still want to know what guitar accessories are, you can leave a message to the editor. COVENANT guitar factory can customize guitar accessories, our website is, welcome to browse our website.