Five ways to make your guitar practice more efficient

Hello everyone, welcome to COVENANT Guitar Class. Sorry for not updating the article because I was busy a while ago. In the previous issues, we discussed about guitar maintenance and accessories. In this issue, we will discuss the methods and key points of guitar practice.

Persistent practice is the foundation of learning a musical instrument, and finding and following efficient practice methods is also crucial! Efficient piano practice can maximize the effect of piano practice within a limited time, and bring more gains and progress to children. So how to improve the efficiency of piano practice?

1. Target planning

Clearly planning and completing daily goals is the fastest way to improve the efficiency of piano practice. In the case of a long repertoire, you can practice “less but better”, break down the big goal into small goals, practice slowly sentence by sentence, and play together piece by piece. promote.

play guitar picture

2. Practice time

Dr. Kaplinski of the United States once mentioned such an experiment: By measuring the brain waves of the player when he plays the piano, he can examine how the brain responds to the activity. The experimental results show that: the most ideal way to practice piano is to practice continuously for 30 minutes, rest for 5-10 minutes and then continue to practice. By understanding this scientific theory and the physiological characteristics of the human body, we can moderately control the duration of piano practice and achieve a balance between work and rest.

playing the piano

3. Eliminate interference

Instrumental practice is a mental activity that requires full concentration. Turn off the TV and stay away from the mobile phone to create a quiet and undisturbed environment. Not only can you concentrate on practicing the piano without distractions, it will also prolong the time of concentration and improve the efficiency of practicing the piano.

4. Good mood

“A few minutes on the stage, ten years of practice off the stage”, these words vividly describe the hard work and will required to learn the piano. In the process of practicing piano, many children will have emotional fluctuations because they did not achieve the expected results. At this time, parents need to adjust and guide their children’s emotional and psychological states in time, which cannot be ignored in terms of improving the efficiency of piano practice. one ring.

5. Record Summary

Recording at any time is not only a good study habit, but also an attitude. Record the problems, thinking process, and solutions encountered in practicing the piano, analyze the reasons, summarize the deficiencies, and correct them in time, so as to avoid some unnecessary mistakes. Record, review and summarize at any time, and make the road of learning the piano more solid in the process of continuous adjustment and optimization.


Practicing the piano is a highly skilled art, and it is also a process of learning wisdom. Although the method of improving the efficiency of piano practice varies from person to person, through continuous thinking and experience, each child will find the most suitable practice method for himself in practice, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort.