Do guitars have to be made of wood?(one)

Do guitars have to be made of wood?Today we will discuss this topic.The times are developing, and many things are changing. Our food, shelter, and use have changed a lot compared to the original. Musical instruments have been evolving for so many years. For example, the guitar has developed over the years. Compared with the early guitars, already very different.

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After so many years of development, not only the structure of the guitar has changed, but the material has also changed. What is this for? For more comfortable playing and better sound…
When it comes to sound, I think a lot of people don’t understand a question when choosing a guitar, what exactly are they buying when buying a guitar! Some people choose the shape, some people choose the wood, some people choose the color, some people choose the brand, and some people choose whether to match the home decoration style…
When choosing a guitar, we have to go back to the original intention of buying a guitar and think about why we should play the guitar?
What is the guitar for?
In order to play music, so we buy guitars for sound, as for other things, it’s just icing on the cake. For guitars, sound is an important measure.

1、What determines the sound of a guitar?

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2、Principles of guitar sound

Some people think that the guitar makes sound by the vibration of the strings. In fact, this understanding is problematic. The sound produced by the vibration of the strings is very small. How small is it? The sound produced by the electric guitar without the speaker is the sound produced by the vibration of the strings. So why is the acoustic guitar so loud? The unique structure of this acoustic guitar has something to do with it.

The vibration of the strings is transmitted to the bridge, and then to the panel. The panel vibration causes resonance and sound. The guitar panel is the most important part of the guitar. It can be said that 80% of the tone of the guitar depends on the panel.

Although the side panel and the back panel also affect the sound, they are mainly auxiliary functions. They are mainly used to transmit energy. Therefore, students who do not have enough money do not necessarily have to buy a full sheet when buying a piano. It’s actually a good choice.

In addition to vibration, the function of the panel also bears a tensile force of 120 pounds to 190 pounds, so when making the panel, it will be light but with certain toughness and strength. Therefore, making the panel is the link that can best reflect the level of the luthier.

3、Guitar selection

In the production process of COVENANT guitars, the selected panels must be strictly screened. These woods have high strength, light weight, moderate density, good sound conduction speed, and can save energy consumption as much as possible.

Guitar selection
If you love to pay attention to all kinds of guitar information as much as I do, you should know that a new type of guitar has appeared in recent years, carbon fiber guitar.
In the next issue, let’s talk about carbon fiber guitars