Over the years, the difficulties and skills of playing the guitar

If want to practice a certain skill, we will inevitably meet various difficulties. Let’s talk about the difficulties you need to go through in learning the guitar.

1. Right hand posture and shape

Firstly, when we get a guitar, the first thing we need to learn is the correct posture of holding the guitar and picking the strings. However, many students did not use the standard plucking posture, or did not pay attention at the beginning. So the wrong position of the thumb touching the strings, which caused hindrance later. They have to readjust, waste a lot of time and energy.

2. Press the chord

After the right hand, we need to talk about the left hand. Pressing chords is the first hurdle experienced by the left hand. It does not include large horizontal pressing. We know that the strings of an acoustic guitar are steel strings, not as soft as the nylon strings of a classical guitar or ukulele. So your fingers will hurt when you first start playing chords. After getting used to it for a period of time, it will be much better, and it will go through the process of cocooning, molting, and cocooning again.

3. Problem of rhythm

Everyone’s sense of music is different. Some people have a strong sense of rhythm by nature, so it will be much easier to practice rhythm. But some people have a weak sense of rhythm and need to carry out repeated exercises. It is recommended to use a metronome to grasp the rhythm when practicing.

4. Large horizontal press

I remember there is a joke on the Internet, if the guitar is not pressed horizontally, there will be many more folk singers. Of course, this passage is a bit of a joke. But in general, the big horizontal press is indeed a serious hurdle for many people. In addition to playing each sound, it also need to be able to switch freely.

5. chord conversion

Chord conversion is an indicator to test basic skills. It is very difficult to achieve smooth conversion without noise. Chord conversion includes simple chord conversion, open chord to closed chord, and chord conversion in different positions. If you are reading this article and have not overcome it, you need to practice more.

6. Strum

“Teacher, why my sound of guitar is not good?” I often noted such messages from many people.
Strumming looks easy, but it’s hard to strum. So you need to pay attention to below: the position of the finger touching the string, the movement law of the wrist, the depth of the string, etc.. They all affect whether the strumming is good or not.
Of course, it is not very difficult to strum the strings. After finding the feeling, it will sound good when you strum, so don’t rush it.

7. Scales

Scales are most forgettable, because many people feel that scales are useless and not very useful in actual playing and singing, so they do not take scales seriously.
However, if we want to improve ourselves, we must pay attention to scales. Scales is the key to judge our basic skills.
Familiar with the scales is also good for improvising solos and songs in the future.

8. Skills of playing the guitar

There are lots of techniques used in the guitar, such as the first common strumming, overtones, mute, arpeggio, strumming, slapping, vibrato, etc.. As well as more complex strumming, round sweeping, etc. , artificial overtones, right hand tap. Also include more difficult practice, fast strumming, AM skills, PM skills, etc…

It is also very difficult to master various guitar skills and use them proficiently. There are many hurdles in playing the guitar well.

Said so much, in fact, the main thing is that everyone has to go through so many difficulties in the process of learning the guitar, from being abused by the guitar to starting to abuse the guitar. Therefore, anyone who says that the guitar is a simple instrument, we can refute him unconditionally.