The sound beam structure hidden under the acoustic guitar panel is an important factor for the stability and sound performance of the guitar body.
Since the Covenant X-Structure® sound beam structure was applied in 2014, it has withstood the test of time with its excellent vibration transmission performance and stable support.


Today, the already excellent sound beam structure has been upgraded again. On the basis of the original structure, the Covenant HEATREATED® acoustic wood with better acoustic performance and durability was replaced, and the structure was optimized again. The X-Structure® Plus series architecture was born.

For each barrel shape, the X-Structure® Plus series architecture has an independent sub-architecture, with completely different main beam intersections, opening angle settings and auxiliary beam layouts, allowing each Covenant product that uses this architecture series Can get a more balanced acoustic performance.

Covenant JUNIOR, FOCUS, 3 series, and 1 series products have all been upgraded to this series architecture.


For higher standard full single-board guitar products, Covenant introduced the second-generation X-Structure® Extreme II series architecture.

Through material upgrade, heat treatment process and shape optimization, the second-generation three-pin perforated sound beam structure reduces the weight by 20% on the basis of the first generation, and is 40% lighter than ordinary sound beams, allowing the panel to vibrate more freely and sound More relaxed.

Covenant LIVE, CUSTOM, 7 series, and 5 series have all been upgraded to this series architecture.