HEATREATED® heat treatment process

Covenant HEATREATED® acoustic wood is obtained through multi-pass screening and processing .Which a piano-making board with excellent acoustic performance.


The first is the control of raw materials. Covenant selects suppliers from all over the world, and the raw materials come from regions and countries such as Africa, India, the United States, and Canada.

Only raw materials with uniform density and high diametrical cut can become Covenant’s reserve materials.

After the traditional natural air drying, wood drying and dehumidification of the raw materials.The second screening is carried out to confirm that the acoustic properties of the panels meet the standard, and then the following key steps will be entered.

The Covenant HEATREATED® wood heat treatment process uses a high-temperature closed heat treatment over 140℃ for the board.

The heat treatment process can remove the residual moisture, grease, and other impurities in the board while stabilizing the fiber structure.

The heat-treated panels are screened and graded again to become the strong and excellent acoustic quality of Covenant HEATREATED® acoustic wood.

Covenant’s own two-grade HEATREATED® acoustic wood:

Special grade HEATREATED® acoustic wood, used in CCW customization service, CUSTOM mass-produced acoustic guitar and 7 series performance-grade full single-board acoustic guitar;

Select grade HEATREATED® acoustic wood, used in LIVE, JUNIOR, FOCUS, 5 series, 3 series, and 1 series acoustic guitar products.