HCP craftsmanship manual manufacturing process

Unlike steel, wood has special physical properties. Different types of wood have great differences in fiber density, interweaving structure, flexural and tensile strength, and the same wood will also have great individual differences. Therefore, acoustic guitars are not very suitable for large-scale mechanized manufacturing. http://wooguitars.com/covenant-guitars-featured-technology/hcp-craftsmanship-manual-manufacturing-process/

Hand-made materials can be selected according to the requirements of each guitar, and according to the characteristics of the plate, stress relief and structure fine-tuning are carried out during the processing process, so that each plate can play the best sound quality.

However, the cost of hand-made is extremely high, so the “hand-made pianos” produced by some famous teachers are very valuable.

The Covenant HCP manufacturing process, through manual intervention in the key links of production, makes mass-produced products also have the characteristics of “handmade piano”, and realizes the coordination between machine production and humanized production.

HCP is not a fixed manufacturing process. Depending on the product line, the degree of intervention in the HCP process will be different. With the upgrade of Covenant’s various technologies, the content of intervention will also be adjusted. However, the core concept of HCP-moderate manual intervention to make each piano better will not change.