CORV® “Corv” barrel family is a patented barrel family independently developed by Covenant.

In 2016, the CORV® “Corv Standard” barrel shape was released with the C-750CCS (G1). It has been loved by musicians for its soft appearance and excellent playing comfort.


In 2017, two new members of the CORV® family came out: the inclined surface design, the more comfortable CORV® SLOPE “Corv Slope” barrel shape and the miniaturized CORV® JUNIOR barrel shape.


Now, the “Corv” family welcomes the newest member: CORV® CONFORT “Corv Comfort” series barrel. Among them, the “CORV® CONFORT DUO” with a multi-dimensional inclined surface design focuses on optimizing the comfort of standing playing, while the playability of the high position has also been strengthened.
The CORV® CONFORT DUO barrel shape can already be selected in the CCW custom service and has been applied to the Covenant CUSTOM Model A.