COVENANT Guitar Advice for Beginners

Nowadays, the guitar has become one of the favorite musical instruments of many children. The reason is that the guitar can not only play the lead but also the accompaniment, and it is very convenient to carry. The most important thing is that it is “cool” to play the guitar! Because of this, many parents have also supported their children to learn the guitar, buying thousands of veneers, looking for well-known local teachers. Deploying troops and waiting for their children to take the stage, but the results are not satisfactory. Most kids give up halfway, yes, just halfway. The author tells every parent with years of teaching experience that buying a good piano and choosing a good teacher is only the first step, and there is still a lot of work that parents need to do if they want their children to “learn to be successful”.
First of all, “accompanying” is extremely important. Many parents will say that we can’t play either, what’s the use of accompanying him? In fact, the child needs the company of the parents, not the guidance of the parents. The parents practice the piano together with the child. The child subconsciously feels that the parents attach great importance to him learning the guitar, and it is easy to develop the habit of practicing the piano. This is very important. Facts have proved that many children are not very self-disciplined when practicing the piano, but the company of their parents can help them overcome their shortcomings and develop the habit of practicing piano regularly. “What time is it, why don’t you go to practice the guitar? I bought it for you for thousands of dollars” and other similar words will only make the child disgusted, on the contrary, “Baby we should practice the piano, Dad/Mom likes to hear you play the guitar most. “Let children have a more sense of presence and are more willing to practice the piano!
Encouragement is very important. Every child needs parental encouragement and affirmation. And this has not attracted enough attention from parents. For example, in the process of practicing the piano with the child, “Dad/Mum thinks the baby plays better this time” than “Too bad, what’s the difference with playing cotton?” It is much more beneficial for the child, because there is no one People are willing to “live” in the denial of others, and the same is true for children, who need more affirmation and encouragement from their parents, which is an important driving force for him to continue! Of course, even if the child does not play well, it is actually reasonable. The more you encourage him, the more willing he is to play it again. The more you practice, the better it will naturally sound!

More effective communication. It’s not that parents don’t communicate but they don’t communicate enough. Communication is enough to understand, and many parents do not understand their children at all, so there is no way to talk about education. Parents need to communicate more with their children about guitar topics and guide their children to maintain their interest in guitars. Then there is the regular communication with the teacher, which is easily overlooked by parents. The teacher knows the enthusiasm and level of the child very well. Parents can understand the child in a deeper way through the communication with the teacher, so as to formulate a guidance plan and continue the child’s enthusiasm for guitar. go down! Although learning the guitar well may not necessarily lead to fame and family in the future, isn’t it beautiful to please others?
Of course, it is useless to do all these homework for a while, and it requires long-term unremitting persistence. If the parents themselves do everything they do for three minutes, then the child may not be able to become a master. Playing the piano is more of a rigorous and dedicated attitude towards life, rather than a short-term follow-through.

In the end, Covenant would like to make a long-winded sentence: “A child can play the piano well, and there must be long-term efforts from parents and teachers behind it; a child can do a good job in people, and behind it is more of a life of “landing love” for parents and mothers. example”.

It is undeniable that the guitar is a musical instrument that has swept the world. It has a very high popularity, it is relatively easy to get started, it is easy to carry, it can be played both solo and accompaniment… These qualities have established the status of the guitar as a “people-friendly instrument”. The reason why the guitar is loved by everyone is not only because of the above reasons, but also a more important part..
First of all, guitar performance requires the brain to analyze the score and play with the left and right hands in a standardized rhythm, which can exercise and enhance the brain’s ability to control fingers, and enhance people’s sensitivity to pitch and rhythm. The cultivation of art has been improved, especially for young people, they need more “cognition” of music and art, and guitar is indeed a very good choice!
Second, since the guitar can be played solo or ensemble and sung, after playing the guitar for a long time, you will have a “holistic” understanding of music. The more rigorous young guitar students, through the analysis and performance of each part of the music, do not know whether He has built a “three-dimensional” way of thinking, which plays a key role in future growth and even benefits for a lifetime.
Third, through the guitar, you can make more friends. In real life, a good guitar can attract a lot of envious eyes and make more friends. It can also enhance their “sense of presence”. You must know that many children are very favored at home, but it is difficult to find a sense of presence outside. By learning the guitar well, children will not feel lonely, even if there is no family present, they will become “focus”!
Of course, the benefits of learning guitar are far more than these, but lovers who can’t “continuous learning” will not be able to appreciate it. Even if you already own an expensive guitar, it will be frustrating if you don’t have a persistent learning spirit, because the fun comes from learning the guitar. The beautiful process, not the guitar itself.
Finally, I wish you a full of surprises on your guitar journey!