Covenant Product

Acoustic guitar

The entire line of Covenant acoustic guitars has been upgraded to full HEATREATED® acoustic wood, which means that the strength and acoustic performance of each wooden component have been qualitatively improved; X-Structure™ Plus and advanced versions are independently designed according to the barrel shape The X-Structure™ Extreme sound beam structure of the three-pin punching process allow each barrel shape to play the best sound.

electric guitar

Electric guitar

Musical instrument accessories

Covenant’s new music accessories products, including tuning tables, capo, straps, strings, acoustic guitar backpacks, etc., allow customers to have a different musical experience during use. Covenant will continue to upgrade its products. On the road to fully serving guitar users, Covenant is continuing to move forward…

Online audition

There are ten series of Covenant acoustic guitars, with different woods, different shapes, and different sounds. In order to let customers understand the sound characteristics of each acoustic guitar, we record the sound of various series of acoustic guitars for everyone to choose from.