After playing the guitar for a few years, there is no improvement, why?

This title may resonate with many guitar lovers, because everyone wants to know the reason. Let me show my personal opinion, which may be helpful for you!

The first reason

Firstly, the “concept” of learning guitar is not clear enough. Three elements of music: “melody, harmony, rhythm”, which reflected on the guitar, the synchronous improvement of scales, chords, rhythm (various strumming, broken chords, rhythm patterns). For example, in the chord part, you not only need memorize the chord position, but also understand the chord’s composition and auditory effects. The different feelings of the same chord in different modes, etc., so that make you fully understand the chord. Meanwhile, Rhythm is the weakness of Chinese people, but you could improve it through acquired training.

The second reason

Second, lack of endurance. This is the most critical reason. Most people cannot focus on guitar training for a long time. They are often “passionate” at the beginning, but will eventually slack off. Perseverance is very important for learning guitar. Many enthusiasts who have played the guitar for several years can only play some basic chords and accompaniment patterns. If they meet a little difficult music, they will not be able to play it. Even if they can finish it, the musicality is still very poor. Solid basic skills, no long-term foundation accumulation.

The third reason

Third, the “music environment” is relatively simple. If you want to improve your playing level, you should listen to various styles of music and live music (performance) meetings. If you couldn’t communicate with others about playing the guitar, the effect of playing will not be good.

Of course, this article will not make everyone be a good guitar player, but if you find your problems and are willing to change, you will not only get good guitar skills, but positive things- Perseverance!

First, double-check that the rhythm of each note you play is correct.

If you still can’t read the common rhythm patterns of 4th, 8th, 16th notes, first sixteenth, last sixteenth, syncopation, triplet, etc., then please don’t continue to play , otherwise the effort will be in vain! You must calm down, turn on the metronome, practice the basic skills of rhythm, and then read (sing) the rhythm of the song, and finally start playing.


Second, make sure the clarity of each note

It depends on your usual training. Many people play the notes too weakly and can’t pay attention to slow training, resulting in a lot of notes not clearly. A piece of music is composed of several single notes, like there is no ocean without a drop of seawater. Therefore, the practice starts with slow, one beat-by-beat training, then gradually connected, and the beautiful music will come out naturally.

Third, play with breath, don’t forget that music is alive.

If you made the training of notes from weak to strong and from strong to weak before? If so, have you practiced phrase breathing training? Many people will say there is no such thing. In fact, Chinese people have recited Tang poetry since they were young, and Tang poetry is rhythmic. Then you can consciously play the music you have already played in a rhythmic sentence. After playing for a long time, you will find that playing the guitar can “breathe” like poetry. What makes you most happy is, Your audience will be moved by your music!

Of course, to play good music, you need to pay attention to a lot of things. Continuous improvement and persevering training are the foundation. In fact, the same is true of our life. We really need to have a persistent pursuit, never give up but always be grateful!